Backlash Brands

Is the customer always right? It’s an adage that is more than 100 years old, with forefathers of customer service such as Harry Selfridge and César Ritz each using variations of it as their motto. But this creed was not built for the technological era, when public complaints are only a click away, and one small tweet can turn into a swirling Twitter storm. The backlash mentality is driven by the current political, sociocultural tensions that exist across the globe.


We will examine how brands can navigate Backlash Culture through:


Controversy-courting – Some brands are holding their ground and choosing to face down consumer complaints with contentious campaigns.


Dictatorial Dining – Restaurateurs and chefs are altering the relationship between themselves and their diners, making changes to the menu and service despite repercussions.


Opt-in Culture – While consumers are used to checking the opt-out button to avoid unwanted communications from brands, some brands are forcing their fans to opt in if they want to get involved.


Aggro-tising – Unafraid of any potential backlash, brands are creating aggressive campaigns that powerfully relay their message.