Beauty Futures Forum 2017 - SOLD OUT

The products, services and new consumer tribes set to affect beauty in 2018 and beyond.

DATE : 17 May 2017

LOCATION : 26 Elder Street, London, E1 6BT

Innovator : £750 until 9 March 2017
Early Adopter : £850 until 6 April 2017
Late Adopter : £950 thereafter

New consumers, focused on self-expression, authenticity and social consciousness are redefining what it means to be beautiful. Meanwhile, rising trends in product development, marketing, technology and retail are providing new avenues to reach them.

Join us as we present the most pertinent market insight and research in the sector, along with strategic foresight on how to apply it.

‘Honesty will be an important differentiation point for beauty brands this year. Just as consumers demand to know more about the provenance of their food, so too they are demanding more knowledge not only of the ingredients in their beauty products but of their pricing structure as well.’

Martin Raymond, co-founder, The Future Laboratory

As well as delivering key consumer and industry insights, attendees get direct access to our research and strategy teams, who will be on hand to answer questions on how best to apply and tailor these insights to your specific business needs. There will also be ample opportunity to network with your peers, industry influencers and the keynote speakers.


1:00pm – Introduction

From rising concerns over ingredients to the growth of the wellness sector and its effect on beauty, The Future Laboratory CEO Trevor Hardy introduces the key themes and issues at this afternoon’s event.

1:10pm – Global Market Overview

We assess the global beauty landscape, looking at growth areas and emerging markets. We consider how venture capital funding and interest from big brands has changed the nature of niche beauty start-ups, as well as looking to the growth of the beauty technology world. Focus areas include the teen beauty market, shifts in the world of fragrance and the evolution of inclusive beauty.

1:40pm – In Conversation I

The New Beauty Consumer - An insider’s approach to understanding the beauty demands and desires of two emerging tribes of beauty consumers. 

2:30pm – Break

3:00pm – Beauty Trends Rising

We uncover the key trends forging success in beauty, along with case studies to inform and inspire your strategy. These include:

: Love Down Below – the rebranding of feminine care products

: Waterless Beauty – how brands are removing water from their formulas

: Honest Products – the rise in transparency, not only in beauty ingredients but in their potency as well

3:20pm – Showcase

3:25pm – In Conversation II

3:45pm – Special Report 

4:15pm – In Conversation III

4:35pm – Strategic Toolkits

Our Strategy and Innovation team offers you practical and clear insights about how you can use your knowledge of the trends and insights uncovered to create more strategic campaigns and products that sell.

Image credits:

1. Dr. Jart Flagship Store by Betwin Space Design, Seoul. Photography by Yong-joon Choi

2. Habibi Cosmetics by Kim Ramain-Colomb, Switzerland

3. Care/of, US


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