Beauty Futures 2017

The products, services and new consumer tribes set to affect beauty in 2018 and beyond.

Global Market Overview

We examine growth areas and emerging markets in the global beauty landscape. We consider how venture capital funding and interest from big brands have changed niche beauty start-ups, and look at the growth of technology in beauty and haircare. Focus areas include the teen beauty market, shifts in the world of fragrance and the evolution of inclusive beauty.

Beauty Trends Rising

We present the key trends that are helping beauty brands to nd success and case studies to inform and inspire your strategy. These include:

: Love Down Below – the rebranding of feminine care products

: Waterless Beauty – why brands are removing water from their formulas

: Honest Products – beauty brands are becoming more transparent and showcasing the effectiveness of their ingredients

Sensitised Living

Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact of 21st-century irritants on their skin. Here we examine why total head and body skin health rather than skin beauty is becoming the focus for next-generation health and beauty brands.

Beauty and Retail Film Showcase

A short, sharp look at the new beauty and retail formats driving tomorrow’s consumer trends.

Strategic Toolkits

Our strategy and innovation teams offer practical and clear insights about how to use your knowledge of the trends and insights uncovered to create more strategic campaigns and products that sell.