Beauty Futures Report 2016


Our annual report on the global beauty industry is your definitive guide to future-proofing your brand in this rapidly evolving sector.

As the beauty industry shifts towards a holistic cross-sector convergence between cosmetics and wellbeing, brands are at risk of losing their footing in a consumer landscape they once knew so well. It is no longer just about what’s on the outside. Brands must demonstrate a deeper emotional understanding of customer identity to continue to innovate and disrupt within the sector.

Learn how to benefit from this cross-sector consumer mindset, as well as the new global industry shifts and trends that are set to affect your business in the next 3–5 years.

What’s in the report?
Global market insights, key trends, case studies and consumer tribes are all combined in our annual report to provide an invaluable framework for navigating the future of beauty. The report includes:

: Insight Overview
The Future Laboratory’s analysis of how global beauty is coming of age and embracing a new holistic, realistic and naturalistic identity

: Market Insight
We shine a spotlight on fresh opportunities for growth in Male Grooming, Beauty Diagnostics, Halal Beauty, Fragrance and The New Natural

: Special Feature – Total Beauty
What’s on the inside is now just as important as what’s on the outside, and we are seeing more cross-sector convergence between the cosmetics, wellness and food and drink industries

: Top 10 Beauty Ingredients
From the unpalatable to the illicit and downright unusual, a new wave of beauty products is emerging that draws on poison, drugs and noxious weeds

: Beauty Trends Rising
We examine five of the most influential emerging trends, including how beauty brands are counteracting the effects of our digital lives and how gender fluidity is transforming the industry

: Toolkit
We explain how to apply our insights to your strategic thinking. Our step-by-step guide looks at everything from new ways to communicate with consumers to how to create a successful cross-sector collaboration

 *This is a downloadable PDF report. Please consider the environment before printing.

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