New Consumer Summit

The digital-native members of Gen Viz are constantly connected – plugged into multiple browsers not to hide from reality, but to create it anew. Deeply averse to being marketed at, these post-Millennial teens are constructing their own authentic experiences, and in the process, building new communities, identities, loyalties and priorities. In this landscape, the meanings of status and luxury have changed, and brands that push aspirational, product-led strategies will struggle to be relevant.

Our new Consumer Tribes Summit presentation reveals the demands and desires of Gen Viz to help your business engage with this key consumer tribe that is sending ripples across other demographics. The presentation draws on extensive interviews with youth culture influencers and sector experts as well as quantitative analysis and brand case studies. 

Highlights include insights on Gen Viz, such as:

: Visual Communicators - favouring formats such as video games, emojis and GIFs

: Education-hackers - taking a DIY approach to learning and new skills

: Instant Messengers - seeking private online interaction where they can be real

: Generation Sober - shunning drink and drugs in favour of healthy living and sport

Your team will leave equipped with a toolkit to inform your strategy and future-proof your business.

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