Female Futures 2017

Female Futures is an in-depth look at the current landscape of female entrepreneurialism and highlights an emerging attitude driven by members of Generation Z, who are ditching a broken system for one that better reflects their inclusive reality.

First-hand interviews will examine the concepts of power, privilege, fluidity and diversity among entrepreneurs to encourage attendees to rethink business contracts and redefine success and growth for female entrepreneurs.

The Future Trends Landscape

The future is female. But while Generations X and Y are busy talking about progress, Generation Z is getting to work, driven by six key attitudes. We shed light on the digital and physical tools that are equipping young entrepreneurs to network and upskill.

: Bespoke Study Insights : The Reality Today

Our unique ethnographic research takes us into the world of young, female entrepreneurs and reveals how this new generation is challenging the concepts of power, privilege, fluidity and diversity.

: Entrepreneurialism on Our Terms

Our young entrepreneurs are ready and willing to change the system. The Future Laboratory shares the seven behaviour changes they have determined are necessary.

: A Future Perspective : Reframe Growth for a New Contract

Finally, we map a shift towards a new system that requires businesses and policymakers to re-address what growth looks like – and enables women to rewrite the pledges they make to their own businesses.