Female Futures 2018 : Sydney

Our highly subscribed live events draw on The Future Laboratory’s wealth of research to inspire and reframe future business strategy. In February 2018 in Sydney we will present happens when female innovation and entrepreneurialism is properly unleashed?

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DATE : 8 February

LOCATION : Carriageworks, 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh, NSW 2015

Innovator : $1000 until 19 October 2017
Early Adopter : $1200 until 16 November 2017
Late Adopter : $1500 thereafter


From the political to the personal, the old world order has broken down. But beyond the evident dislocation, fragmentation and division, new systems are evolving. 

Driven by fresh attitudes, ethics and unprecedented circumstances, the future looks very different from what has gone before.

Join us to gain a deeper understanding of the key trends that are set to transform the business landscape and gain an invaluable strategic toolkit.  

Why Attend?

‘The global economy must be open to the opportunities and innovations that women bring and recompense women fairly for it – but the real shift in thinking is that the future of business will require a new way of looking at entrepreneurship. Our perception of what and who can deliver high growth is blown wide open when everyone is granted access to entrepreneurial tools, opportunity and spirit.

Ruth Marshall-Johnson, associate Foresight director, The Future Laboratory

The future will disconnect from traditional organisational systems, but while Generations X and Y are busy talking about progress, Generation Z is getting to work, and ditching a broken system in favour of products, services and ventures that better reflect their inclusive reality. We delve into the world of young, female entrepreneurs and share the behavioural changes they have determined are necessary to change the system. The event is a call to arms for women to rewrite the contract between themselves, their businesses and their investors for an entirely new framework to encourage growth.

For more information please contact Jen Sherrin at Jen@lsnglobal.com.au 

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