Gen Viz

Nobel Prize winner and women’s rights activist Malala Yousafzai stood up to the Taliban at the age of 11. Logan LaPlante presented a TED talk on hacking the education system at 13. Joshua Wong, now 19, fought for democracy in Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution in 2014. Members of Generation Z have a global outlook and a hacker mindset. They are confident with technology, ambitious and altruistic, and have fun with whatever they set their minds to. We call them Gen Viz as they are the most visual generation.


In this presentation we examine:


Authenticity Backlash – Rather than hiding behind an alter ego, members of Gen Viz choose to use social platforms to highlight their individuality.


Post-body Mindset – Members of Gen Viz place less value on body image, and personality comes first.


Instant Messengers – The rise of emojis has been well documented. In 2015, Instagram revealed that about half of captions and comments created through its service contained one or two emojis and 63% of posts made by users in Finland contained at least one graphic.


Generation Sober – Teenagers increasingly seek social experiences in sober atmospheres. Just 38% of 11–15-year-olds have tried alcohol at least once, the lowest figure since 1982, according to NatCen Survey 2014.


Post-language – Teenagers will increasingly adopt visual forms of communication.