Global Futures Forum 2017 - 19 October


DATES : 19 October 2017 (18th reserved for LS:N Global members only)

VENUE : The Future Laboratory, 26 Elder Street, London E1, 6BT


Innovator : £750 Until 01 August
Early Adopter : £800 Until 13 September
Late Adopter : £850 Thereafter 

If you are a member please contact your account manager to book tickets.

The consumer mindsets, workplace attitudes and brand experiences that will define the coming decade

: Overview

As we approach the 2020s, uncertainty has become the new norm. But future-facing organisations are rising to the challenge, rebooting their brands, workplaces and consumer propositions with insights that enable them to race ahead of their competitors. To achieve these changes, brands are re-inventing customer care.

Using the latest consumer foresight tools, they are determining how Innovator and Early Adopter consumers are driving tomorrow’s mainstream shopping experience.

Who are these consumers? Which experiences are attracting them? And more importantly, how do the brands, businesses and organisations that we showcase in this forum use the latest placemaking tools (within and beyond their business) to generate real and lasting value for their teams and clients, and the consumers they serve?

On 18 and 18 October 2017, we will unpack the trends, case studies and consumer experience models that will enable you to rebuild your brand from the inside out.

 : Why attend?

Imagine that you could catch a glimpse of the future consumer landscape. What would you see? How would you do things differently? How would your competitors react? Learn how to harness the changing global consumer mindsets, workplace attitudes and brand experience offerings that will define the next decade.

As a consultancy renowned for its insight and innovation work with numerous FTSE 100 clients, The Future Laboratory wants to help you to tackle three key questions:

: Consumer of 2020 – which fringe consumer behaviour patterns will change industry?

With a focus on psychographics over demographics, this presentation will examine emerging consumer mindsets that, as we enter the next decade, will become a more pressing concern for brands.

: Brand Culture of 2020 – how can a brand rethink its working culture to attract better talent and deliver greater value to its own clients and customers?

To future-proof your brand, it is necessary to consider not only the innovations you can bring to consumers but also the internal changes that are required to reflect wider societal shifts. This presentation will examine how you can burst the filter bubble of your sector and location to build a brand that is fit for the future.

 Experience of 2020 – when everyone offers experience, how can a brand cut through the noise?

Looking at the physical and digital worlds, we will examine how to create a sense of place for brands eager to connect with ambivalent consumers. This presentation will focus on the environments, spaces and experiences that brands will need to offer to connect with consumers in 2020.

Alongside these three presentations, we provide bespoke business clinics that enable you and your team to meet with our strategists and foresight analysts who will help you to more effectively action the content delivered on the day.

And for those who have missed our quarterly forums and briefings, our Insight Theatre examines the trends, case studies and actionable take-outs about tomorrow’s consumers in retail, beauty, food, drink and luxury that you need to know about – from Virtual Spending and Honest Products to Untrade Shows and Serene Hospitality.

£750.00 Ex VAT