Luxury Futures 2017

We explore the rise of the new normal in the global luxury landscape, identifying areas of growth and the potential challenges ahead. We consider the unexpected rise of ultra-high-net-worth individuals amid economic and political instability, and examine the rise of augmented luxury, informed by localised data and assistants powered by artificial intelligence. Our focuses include a long-term view of the post-Brexit landscape, a snapshot of Mexico’s emerging luxury market and the growing influence of meme culture.

Luxury Trends Rising

We uncover the key trends that are shaping the luxury industry, along with case studies to inform and inspire your future strategy. These include:

: Adulting Ads – A new wave of marketing campaigns that recognise the fact that luxurians no longer fit into the traditional ‘mature, married and conventional’ profile

: Conscious Aftercare – Luxury brands are moving beyond highlighting their sustainability credentials and educating consumers on how to use and care for their products in ways that benefit the environment

: Serene Hospitality – In the age of the attention economy, being able to stay in control of your focus and escape distractions is the ultimate premium experience

: Gentrified Gaming – As gaming culture broadens its reach to appeal to a more mainstream audience, luxury brands are exploring what opportunities the medium might offer for speaking to the next generation of high-net-worth consumers 

: Virtual Spending – The move from physical to digital finance is inspiring
new consumer behaviour and a striking sensory language around
financial transactions and the appearance of money

Consumer Tribes

With Chinese luxurians no longer driving luxury spending, it’s time to meet the consumers living in new pockets of influence. Cultured, connected
and environmentally aware, our tribe members from Mexico and Vietnam defy preconceptions of emerging luxury markets and set the direction
for growth in luxury in the coming years.

Transcendent Wealth

Being wealthy isn’t what it used to be. Money and status used to be measured by how much a person earned or owned. Now, in the mind of the complex, conscientious and contradictory luxury consumer, new concepts of worth
are emerging as we move into the era of Transcendent Wealth. Time, knowledge and positive social impact will emerge as new symbols of luxury, representing a shift towards more mindful consumption. Our special report examines how brands can position themselves in this new landscape.

Strategic Toolkits

Our strategy and innovation teams offer practical and clear insights about how to use your knowledge of the trends and insights uncovered to create more strategic campaigns and products that sell.