Luxury Futures


Our presentation on the global luxury sector combines detailed market analysis with a timely reconceptualisation of the very notion of luxury. The decade we call the Turbulent Teens has brought unique pressures and opportunities to bear on the sector, and this report is your definitive guide to negotiating these for success in the years ahead.

With trend analysis, hard data and best-in-class case studies, we show how the luxury industry is shedding its monocultural past to keep up with a broader, better educated, mobile and culturally astute consumer base. We supply the insight, tools and inspiration for luxury brands to fashion a new legacy, rather than leaning too heavily on their heritage.

Learn how to use an emerging lexicon and visual language that emphasises emotional connection over rampant consumption, and cultivate life-long loyalty in your customers. Packed with practical tips on how to implement its insights, the Luxury Futures Presentation will be an invaluable resource for your future strategy.


In-house presentations:

Are you looking for a quick and compelling way to share this information with your team? Or perhaps you have an event that requires a thought-leading and inspiring keynote?

We provide sharp 20-, 40- and 60-minute presentations, which are delivered by our expert researchers and analysts, and feature all of the key insights from the report, to connect business leaders with the latest trends, innovations and shifts in consumer behaviour in a live, interactive environment. Our Luxury Futures presentations will help you to understand why recent changes in consumer behaviour are forcing many to rethink the category, and what strategies your business needs to apply in order to remain fit for the future.

‘The Future Laboratory’s presentation did exactly what we wanted it to – offer a glimpse of even further ahead in a compelling and engaging way to prepare for what brands need next’ – Maya Draisin, associate publisher and head of marketing, Wired