Luxury Futures Report 2016


Our annual report on the global luxury sector combines detailed market analysis with a timely reconceptualisation of the very notion of luxury. The decade we call the Turbulent Teens has brought unique pressures and opportunities to bear on the sector, and this report is your definitive guide to negotiating these for success in the years ahead.

With trend analysis, hard data and best-in-class case studies, we show how the luxury industry is shedding its monocultural past to keep up with a broader, better educated, mobile and culturally astute consumer base. We supply the insight, tools and inspiration for luxury brands to fashion a new legacy, rather than leaning too heavily on their heritage.

Learn how to use an emerging lexicon and visual language that emphasises emotional connection over rampant consumption, and cultivate life-long loyalty in your customers. Packed with practical tips on how to implement its insights, The Luxury Futures Report will be an invaluable resource for your future strategy.

What’s in the report?

Global market analysis, key trends, case studies and consumer insights are combined in our annual report to provide a road map for navigating the future of the luxury sector with poise and power.

: Insight Overview

The Future Laboratory takes a long, global view of the changing concept of luxury, and the challenges and opportunities of re-orientating towards the new consumer. We ask: what would the core pillars of luxury be if we looked to the future rather than the past?

: Market Insight

We present an in-depth analysis of the global luxury market, and the tensions that brands must tackle to succeed. We present a demographic overview, and explore key areas including post-ownership luxury, the changing role of technology, and the demand for transparency and sustainability.

: Special Feature – Influencer Marketing

In this feature we show you how to skillfully harness the power of Influencer Marketing, without alienating your core audience. Respond to the consumer craving for transparency and real-time participation armed with knowledge on the types of imagery, influencers and campaigns that achieve success.

: Luxury Trends Rising

We reveal the key trends set to affect the sector in the years ahead. Find out more about Luxury Educators, Virtual Baroque, Sort by Serendipity, Anti-choice Architecture and Surprise Destinations, and what they mean for your brand.

: Luxury Futures Toolkit

We home in on four key areas of focus that will help you apply Luxury Futures insights to your business. Practical recommendations include implementing Active Legacy to achieve Borderless Brands and creating New Navigation to promote Beyond Digital.

*This is a downloadable PDF report. Please consider the environment before printing.

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