UK Luxury Futures Forum 2017

A detailed exploration of the post-Brexit luxury landscape, examining the consumer trends and behaviour set to challenge the sector in the future.

DATE : 5 July 2017

LOCATION : 26 Elder Street, London, E1 6BT

Innovator : £750 until 4 May 2017
Early Adopter : £850 until 1 June 2017
Late Adopter : £950 thereafter


New consumers, bored of traditional tropes of luxury, are looking for new products and services to excite them. Meanwhile, rising trends in travel, marketing and retail are providing new avenues to reach them.

Join us as we present the most pertinent market insight and research in the sector, along with strategic foresight on how to apply it.

 Why Attend?

‘While many have been anxiously awaiting the consequences of the Brexit vote, the UK luxury industry can already feel its ramifications as the country becomes a spending haven for tourists. For British shoppers, however, luxury spending will begin to shift towards smaller luxury purchases as inflation begins to hit.’

Martin Raymond, co-founder, The Future Laboratory

As well as delivering key consumer and industry insights, attendees will have direct access to our research and strategy teams, who will be on hand to answer questions on how best to apply and tailor these insights to your specific business needs. There will also be ample opportunity to network with your peers, industry influencers and the keynote speakers. 

Image credits:

  1. Novelty store by Anagrama, Mexico
  2. Arctic Paper by Zeitguised and JUNO, Sweden
  3. Hotel Torre de Madrid by Hayonstudio, Madrid. Photography by Klunderbie
£850.00 Ex VAT