Placemaking Service

Ready to future-proof your placemaking strategy?

In an era of growing man-made pressure on our natural and built environments, our relationship with the places where we work, live, shop and play is changing radically – and fast.

Fluid lifestyles, a desire for genuine sustainability, the emergence of smart city technologies and an explosion of urban populations are presenting a whole new set of challenges for the 21st century. For tomorrow’s successful placemakers, these challenges represent an incredible opportunity to reconnect us with our cultures and our landscapes, and create habitats that resonate with the way we will want to live in the decades ahead.

Our strategic foresight team and placemaking specialists can help you to chart a path to future success as new and unexpected competitors enter your professional arena.

We can help your organisation develop a powerful placemaking strategy via three services, depending on your needs:

: Our Strategic Research

Bespoke qualitative, quantitative and ethnographic studies to help you define your consumer and understand unmet needs to inform your business decisions. 

: Our Trends Programme

Re-evaluating the external forces and trends that are key to your specific commercial challenge, and identifying opportunities to create new product, service and business models.

: Our Foresight Reports

Helping you develop an ownable point of view that will motivate communities inside or outside of your organization, from investors to employees to consumers, and providing content for your communications.

*Image credits: Space Explorer, Hackney

The Good Hotel, Amsterdam,

Breathe by MINI Living and SO-IL, Milan