Placemaking Summit

Our Placemaking Summit presentation examines the importance of physical space in the digital age, from revolutionary retail concepts to locally embedded businesses.

 Instead of dissolving into the digital ether, creating a sense of place has never been more important than it is today. Technology has facilitated widespread connection, but it has also created anonymity and distance between brands and consumers. A bricks-and-mortar presence can help to tackle this and we will examine the branding, design and architectural projects that are changing the face of business, from food and drink to retail and luxury.

 In this presentation, we will examine:

 : Trend Drivers – We examine the tidal shifts in placemaking, from the reversal of top-down planning to the seamless interplay between the physical and digital worlds

 : Trends Rising – We look at trends such as Postcode Marketing, Citizen Cities, Shapeshifting Architecture and Augmented Locations to understand new approaches to creating a destination

 : Advisory Toolkits – How to apply these insights to your business, from employing citizens as planners to digitally augmenting your designs