Revelation Brands

The digital revolution promised to save us time, but instead we are busier than ever. It vowed to broaden our horizons, but left us trapped in a prison of our own prejudices. How can we rediscover discovery and bring serendipity and revelation back into our lives?

In Revelation Brands, we examine the brands, designers and technologists re-inventing chance, serendipity and random encounters to stimulate thinking, charge our emotions and confound our expectations. We consider the following key trends:

Personal Appsistants – after years of algorithm-dominated innovation, brands are returning to the value of human-guided discovery 

Revelation Strategies – galleries and museums are finding ways to wrestle our attention away from our phones

Sensory Search – where the next generation of search engines uses colours and visuals rather than words

Explorium Retail – the emporium model is enjoying a renaissance in the digital age, embracing the unique ability of bricks-and-mortar retail to engage and surprise

Geo Quests – where the humble GPS becomes a tool of wonder and discovery, as shown by campaigns that force consumers to go somewhere to find what they want