Sustainability Summit

Our Sustainability Summit presentation redefines the term ‘sustainable’ for the modern age. Sustainable thinking is now a cornerstone of good business rather than something nice to have. The report is an essential guide for business leaders who want their businesses to survive and thrive in the future beyond the typical five-year plan.

Consumers are losing faith in the ability of national governments to tackle long-term challenges that cut across the electoral cycle, and high-profile exposés such as Volkswagen’s emissions scandal are further undermining their faith in existing businesses. This leaves a big opportunity for challenger brands that can demonstrate that they have a legacy vision and are looking to the future rather than focusing on the present.

In this presentation, we will examine: 

: Trend Drivers – From endemic short-term thinking to system collapse in The Anthropocene, we look at the societal pressures that are repositioning sustainability

: Trends Rising – New Lexicon, Growth Products, Born Activists and Regenerative Consumption are just some of the trends that are changing sustainable thinking today

: Advisory Toolkits – How to apply these insights to your business, from adopting radical transparency to ending greenwashing language

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