Sustainability Summit Report 2016

Our free Sustainability Summit Report redefines the term ‘sustainable’ for the modern age. Sustainable thinking is now a cornerstone of good business rather than a nice to have. The report is an essential guide for business leaders who want their businesses to survive and thrive in the future beyond the typical five-year plan.

Consumers are losing faith in the ability of national governments to tackle long-term challenges that cut across the electoral cycle, and high-profile exposés such as Volkswagen’s emissions-cheating scandal are further undermining their faith in existing businesses. This leaves a big opportunity for challenger brands that can demonstrate that they have a legacy vision and are looking to the future rather than focusing on the present.

The report includes:


Why sustainability is the only truly future-proof path to profitability in a turbulent world

Eternal Products

Consumers want forever products as they rebel against yesterday’s disposable culture

Altruvation Brands

Open-source cooperation for the collective good is reshaping inter-brand engagement

Growth Products

Brands are creating modular products that adapt and evolve to appeal to Generation Z’s hacker instincts

Righteous Retail

Counterintuitive brand messaging is leading the fight against stuffocation

Anti-choice Architecture

Radically streamlined inventories are encouraging a new wave of conscious consumption

Regenerative Consumption

Products that replenish the biosphere are turning consumption into a force for eco-renewal

Better You Brands

Sustainable brands are creating products that promote holistic growth and development

Direct Lexicon

Brands are rethinking the language of sustainability to grant access to a new wave of consumers

Speculative Scenarios

Speculative future forecasting is driving sustainable innovation for a utopian tomorrow

Born Activists

Generation Z eco-champions are using their social media mastery to subvert business-as-usual narratives

Digital Footprints

Brands are addressing consumers’ fears about the environmental impact of the digital world

Seasonless Style

Seasonless strategies are tackling the fast fashion sector’s wasteful production cycles

Radical Transparency

Transparency around supply chain sustainability is rebuilding consumer trust in brands

Collective Power

Collective online activism is helping consumers to combat global environmental crises

People Power

Brands’ sustainability credentials are increasingly measured against how well they treat their staff

Alternative Alternatives

Truly sustainable alternatives to dairy and meat are on the rise


Brands that embrace sustainability will be the success stories of the 2020s


How to apply tomorrow’s sustainable strategies to your brand

 *This is a downloadable PDF report. Please consider the environment before printing.

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