Tech Futures 2014

We examine the technical and cultural shifts driving change in the technology sector, from new technologies opening up markets to the nascent product categories that present a lucrative opportunity for brands willing to experiment. We curate the new, next, better and best to provide a global snapshot of the disruptions that will shape the next 10 years.

Global Market Overview: An analysis of the global opportunities in the technology sector.

The List: From Berlin's Silicon Allee to Beijing’s Silicon Dragon, we reveal the next global innovation hotspots.

Global Tech Trends Rising: Augmented-reality customer engagement, face-recognition payment systems and 3D body-scanners
are just some of the ways companies are driving retail growth.

New Tech Consumers: From Generation I to Baby Boomers, we reveal how six consumer tribes are using digital technologies.

Futuretainment: Linear narrative is yesterday’s news for today’s young technology consumers. We explain the multimedia strategies that brands are using to grab their attention, and to keep it.

CES 2014: We sift through the industry’s biggest consumer show to unveil the new and next digital devices that will address the lifestyle demands of every demographic.

Innovates: From Fairphone’s conflict-free smartphone to MakerBot’s home 3D printer, we examine the brands and people leading the way into the future.

Showcase: Ten of the boldest and best brands, artists and designers deploy the technology of tomorrow’s retail space.

Futures 100: Our panel of industry experts considers the technological advances that will decide brand futures in this decade and beyond.

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Published April 2014

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