Tech Futures Report 2015

Tech Futures Report 2015 has been forged as a vital guide to traversing the new technology landscape, helping to steer your brand through the key trends and consumer insights from next week to the next decade.

This is the first of our new-look Futures Reports, which is more condensed and informative than ever before and packed full of statistics, visual case studies and easy-to-access infographics on the key technology trends that are transforming this rapidly changing market. 

The report includes:

: Market Overview – A market analysis of the most influential and exciting emerging technology trends, and what they will mean for your brand, from The Future Laboratory co-founder and editor-in-chief Martin Raymond

: Tech Trends Rising – Understanding the blockchain, circumventing ad-blocking and reinvigorating the retail journey are just some of the technology trends to keep an eye on in 2016

: Insight – An informative examination of key consumer market trends from Peak Smartphone and Endangered Unicorns to Emotional Quotients and Mega Bait, incorporating sector focuses on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, the Internet of Things, Future Platforms and the March of Mobile

: Special Feature: Social Commerce Futures  A special report that takes you on a journey through technology trends and strategies, ranging from Picture Power to Tween Targets, that will influence how brands and consumers engage across social media

: Special Feature: Interface Futures – Keyboards are beginning to look distinctly 20th century. This special report investigates the Tactile Holographics and Voice Mastery that will soon turn the touchscreen into yesterday’s news too

: Tech Toolkits – A step-by-step guide from our editor Jonathan Openshaw that suggests how your brand can use strategies such as Phygital First, Qualitech and Social-centric to make emerging technology trends work hard for you

 *This is a downloadable PDF report. Please consider the environment before printing.

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