The American Middle Report

Packed with unique research, this report explores the key drivers and forces shaping the American Middle, and gives practical recommendations on how to implement its insights.

: Overview

The Future Laboratory analyses the current state of the American Middle, from shifting aspirations and identities to harsh economic realities.

: Drivers

These include segregation leading to stagnation; tensions between elites and the working class; a lack of trust in society’s institutions; difficulty in finding the stability, security and opportunities of the past; and tech innovations eroding job prospects.

: Forces

We examine transformative trends including food that bridges the class divide; marketing that celebrates the everyman; and emerging media platforms that showcase regional pride and values of the US heartlands.

: Toolkits 

This section provides practical strategies that brands should adopt when considering the American Middle, such as offering alternatives to those frustrated by the status quo; and embracing core values like faith, hard work and remaining grounded.


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