The E-motional Economy

Consumers are becoming obsessed with how everything makes them feel. From tracking their steps to monitoring their mindfulness, people have raised their personal awareness across all areas of their lives. In the new era of emodiversity, brands that design memorable, poignant and surprising experiences will win out by increasing a sense of deep audience connection.


In this landscape we will examine:


Empathetic Experiences – Designers are building virtual reality (VR) worlds in which people can embody abstract concepts and feel their way through a string of emotions.


Mood Retail – Brands are capturing emotional data to make more personalised recommendations. Products are no longer organised by function, but by the emotional response they elicit.


Subconscious Bespoke – Marketing owes much to neuroscience, which claims that emotions inform even the most apparently rational decisions. Recent research from the field offers fresh insight into what makes luxury consumers tick.


Dreamtime Neuromarketing – Dutch production company Studio Smack has created an animated short film that envisages a future in which neuromarketing enables advertising to access our subconscious while we sleep.


Shoppable Emotions – Through the meeting of technology and pharmacology, consumers will soon be able to tailor their emotions at will, as The Optimised Self finds new avenues.