The Flat Age Society

One of the most seismic, impactful demographic global shifts is under way. In this decade, the global population of elderly consumers is set to increase by 200m, and is expected to reach 2bn by 2050.

But forget everything you thought about ‘old’ or ‘age’. Members of this powerful consumer group – far from being the decrepit, dependent, ticking economic time bomb – are embracing age with a new approach, a new energy and a new outlook that defies age; hence, their name.

As our presentation suggests Flat-Agers, because of their love of experience, technology and all things seasonal, local and artisanal, now have more in common with Millennials than they have with Generation X (30–40 somethings.
We reveal how to speak to Flat-Agers and identify the brands, businesses and services they are buying into, or increasingly developing, as they create a new economy of experience-driven offers and value-rich propositions.

As one of our interviewees puts it: ‘Boomers are still spending – they’ve just gone off-grid because it’s more fun.’