The New Female Consumer

She’s Millennial. Educated. Affluent. Confident. Optimistic. And Sorted. She will rise to the top of her company or start her own. She embraces community – online and offline.

With her busy lifestyle, she is looking for services that boost her fitness and wellbeing. She wants property and luxury goods. She won’t be patronised. She is the Athena Woman, and this is her decade, as this 45-minute presentation indicates.

Female-related insights and trends covered in this presentation include: FTSE Femmes; SINKs (Single Income, No Kids); Re-enlightenment Beauty; Sensory Splurge; Femthletes; Sexy Sweat; Fempreneurs; Gender-neutral Retail; NoMos, MoMos and FuMos – as in Non-Mums, Modern Mums, and Future Mums.