The Pre-Teen Consumer

Now that the first generation of digital natives has come of age – and the hauling, hacking, skittering and multi-screening habits we predicted in Generation D have gone mainstream, in true The Future Laboratory style, we turn our attention to what and who are next – those born after 2002.

Like members of Generation D, they are digital natives too, but their expectations of the world around them, and the way they interact with it is entirely different. They are not just active, they are hyperactive in the way they consume and control media.

Mobiles come first, phablets next, then computers they construct themselves – and there are still more pieces in the connected,transmedia, platform-agnostic puzzle in which they play. Prepare your brand for feather-light flexibility, glance-controlled media, wearable technology and borderless sharing – the all-new habits and expectations of the next group of consumers for whom digital is intuitive, which we call Generation I.