US Trend Briefing

As the rich get richer and ranks of the poor swell, there is unrest among the American population. In a divided and disconnected nation, the aspirations and behaviours of the silent majority are undergoing fundamental changes. And where centralized government is failing, it is becoming more vital for companies to work together to create actual social change and long-term value.

Our US Trend Briefing 2017 in-house presentation and workshops connect your team with two key macrotrends that illuminate the forces at work in this shifting socio-economic landscape.

Civic Brands highlights the opportunities ahead as brands shift from employers to educators, profit-driven to community-driven, hierarchical to decentralised, product-led to service-led and closed to collaborative.

The American Middle presents a new take on this vast, yet misunderstood and often overlooked consumer group. Proposing a tighter grip on the core values that resonate with the US heartlands, it outlines the new metrics for success.

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