Whole-system Thinking

As the boundaries between modern society and nature begin to blur, consumerism is becoming more integrated with our living world. As this shift unfolds in the decades to come, brands will need to think on a planetary scale.

As predicted, the Turbulent Teens have seen waves of political and economic turmoil. But a larger, more systemic crisis looms on the horizon: the relationship between human society and our living world.

As the human impact on the environment intensifies, it no longer makes sense to view nature as something untouched by human activities and with little influence on our lives. Instead, we are thinking holistically about nature, in terms that go beyond traditional environmentalism. We are moving towards a world in which human innovation and nature will be integrated and hybridised. In the presentation, we explore:

: Anthropocene Mindsets – what the advent of the ‘human epoch’ means for our views on consumerism

: Trash to Table – why restaurateurs are taking inspiration from natural systems

: The New Biodisruptors – how technology innovators will reshape public perceptions of genetic modification

: Animal-free Omnivores – why ethical eaters will ultimately see the virtues of life grown in labs

: Cult of Resource – how artists and designers are inspired by the merging of nature and technology