Workplace Summit

Our Workplace Summit presentation examines the consumer trends that are transforming business environments. These dramatic shifts are being driven by members of Generation D who are about to enter the workplace with a different attitude towards work-life balance than their Millennial forebears.

The insights examine the workplace from multiple perspectives including design, wellness, technology and equality. As business and leisure become increasingly indistinguishable, we will track the shift from Big Brother-style monitoring in the workplace to a hospitality and wellness model.

In this presentation, we will examine:

: Trend Drivers – We examine the looming impact of Generation D on the workplace and new attitudes to office wellness, technology and design

: Trends Rising – Lifelong Learning, Womenomics, Quantified Workplaces and Peak Collaboration are just some of the trends that are reconfiguring the meaning of work

: Advisory Toolkits – How to apply these insights to your business, from empowering intrapreneurship to attracting future-fit skillsets