Workplace Summit Report 2016

Workplace Summit Report 2016

Our inaugural Workplace Summit looks at the consumer trends that are transforming business environments. These dramatic shifts are being driven by members of Generation Z who are about to enter the workplace with a different attitude towards work-life balance than their Millennial forebears.

The report will tackle the workplace from multiple perspectives such as design, wellness, technology and equality. As business and leisure become increasingly indistinguishable, we will be tracking the shift from Big Brother-style monitoring in the workplace to a hospitality and wellness model.


The report includes:

  • Overview – We examine the looming impact of Generation Z on the workplace and new attitudes to office wellness, technology and design
  • Partner Foreword – A brief look at how technology will change the way we experience the workplace by EMC
  • Automaton Threat – An insight into the disruptive potential of new technology such as artificial intelligence
  • Lifelong Learning – Rather than one-off degrees and linear career paths, employees are engaging with lifelong learning
  • Womenomics – A look at how equality in the workplace can lead to an increase in equity and how gender parity makes for good business
  • Quantified Workplaces – We examine the shift from Big Brother-style monitoring in the workplace to empowering employees through data
  • Workplace Rhythms – The drive towards wellness in the workplace and how to create truly flexible working patterns
  • Empathetic Environments – The shifts in office design that focus on enhancing the emotional experience of the workplace
  • Co-creationism 2.0 – With independent working on the rise, co-working spaces will be increasingly central to future office design
  • Peak Collaboration – In an increasingly collaborative workplace it will be necessary to provide moments of calm and break-out areas
  • Home Comforts – Design cues taken from domestic design and Home-tail trends in retail for better workplaces
  • Conclusion – A summary of the demographic shifts and technology revolutions that will power the rise of the human-focused future workplace
  • Advisory Toolkits – How to apply these insights to your business, from empowering intrapreneurship to attracting future-fit skillsets

 *This is a downloadable PDF report. Please consider the environment before printing.

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