Retail Futures Forum 2015

26 February 2015TICKETSLaggard tickets : £950  ‘Little-box retail, urban kiosks, culture villages and showroom super-hubs are just a few of the new retail models that are set to emerge in...Read more

Consumer Futures 2015

LS:N Global’s Consumer Futures Report 2015 has been forged as the vital guide in traversing this new consumer landscape, helping to steer your brand through the trends and tribes from...Read more

Innovate 2015

In our Innovate report we identify and explore some of the next-generation Early Adopter ideas: products that defy categories, breach industries, and mix, merge and confound disciplines in terms of...Read more

Tech Futures 2014

We examine the technical and cultural shifts driving change in the technology sector, from new technologies opening up markets to the nascent product categories that present a lucrative opportunity for...Read more

Sharded Self Video

Bi-annually, we look at what’s new, next and game changing in global consumer culture. And in this 30-minute-plus video presentation we tackle one of the most compelling trends for 2015...Read more

Gen I 2014

The world is changing at the speed of the web, and so are tomorrow’s consumers. Instead of typing, they swipe. Rather than send an email, they video-Skype. They don’t play...Read more

Futures Workshops 2015

With budgets and schedules increasingly tight, time spent future-gazing must come with clear returns and outcomes that can be acted on. This is why we have launched our Futures Workshops...Read more

Trend and Insight 2015

Booking a briefing To find out more about booking one of our presentations, priced from £5000 email .  Otherwise check out samples of our latest booking to your left. Delivered...Read more

Retail Futures 2014

We analyse the latest market shifts and consumer shopping behaviour driving change in the retail sector, from the new store formats engaging customers to the physical and digital convergence strategies...Read more