Trend Briefing 2016

BACKLASH CULTURE: How to take back the power and drive the conversation with today's connected consumer.   DATE : 15 March 2016 VENUE : Milton Court, The Barbican, Silk Street,...Read more

Tech Futures Report 2015

Tech Futures Report 2015 has been forged as a vital guide to traversing the new technology landscape, helping to steer your brand through the key trends and consumer insights from next week to...Read more

Beauty Futures Forum 2016

The products, people and trends transforming beauty for 2017 and beyond.   DATE : 16 June 2016 LOCATION : London TICKETS :Innovator : £750 until 21 AprilEarly Adopter : £850 until 19 MayLate...Read more

US Trend Briefing SS 2016

A US-focused Trend Briefing, where we highlight our biggest trends set to affect consumer behaviour over the next 5–10 years.   DATE : 7 April 2016 LOCATION : New York  TICKETS :Innovator : $500 until...Read more

Food & Drink Futures Forum 2016

Find out what you will be eating, drinking and serving in the next 3–5 years.   DATE : 15 September 2016 LOCATION : London TICKETS :Innovator : £750 until 21 July 2016Early Adopter : £850...Read more

Luxury Futures Forum 2016

Meet the new Luxurians, and find out what luxury means to them in 2017 and beyond.    DATE : 17 November 2016 LOCATION : London TICKETS :Innovator : £750 until 22 September 2016Early...Read more

Luxury Futures 2015

LS:N Global’s Luxury Futures Report 2015 has been forged as the vital guide in traversing this new luxury landscape, helping to steer your brand through the trends and tribes from next week...Read more

Beauty Futures 2015

Beauty Trends Rising Nowhere is beauty’s latest spate of reinvention more noticeable than in the counterintuitive trends that are driving the global rethink. So, forget photo-ready perfection: the Glossier brand...Read more

Retail Futures 2015

The Retail Futures Report is an analysis of the market forces that will create opportunities in the retail sector in the coming 3–5 years. It examines the new store formats,...Read more

Consumer Futures 2015

LS:N Global’s Consumer Futures Report 2015 has been forged as the vital guide in traversing this new consumer landscape, helping to steer your brand through the trends and tribes from...Read more

Innovate 2015

In our Innovate report we identify and explore some of the next-generation Early Adopter ideas: products that defy categories, breach industries, and mix, merge and confound disciplines in terms of...Read more

Awakening Tech

Our digital and offline worlds are converging. We have become bedfellows with robots, we take advice from gadgets, we ask mega-systems for answers to life’s questions. But how can we...Read more

The Immortal Brand

Brands and consumers are no longer satisfied by instantaneous gratification. Can we really plan in years, decades – even centuries? Seven years on from the start of the global financial...Read more

Cashless Futures

Cashless Futures – as we progress into the opening stages of a cashless culture, a new array of behaviours is creating fresh propositions for how people pay, and how brands...Read more

Beauty Futures Forum

Our half-day Beauty Futures Forum has been developed as a two-and-a-half-hour exploration of beauty markets, trends, consumer habits, mindsets and the new and next formats that brands are using to...Read more