Beauty Futures Report 2017

The trends, consumer tribes and innovations shaping the future of beauty.



In a radically re-aligned beauty landscape, established brands and innovator start-ups are finding new paths to success. Our Beauty Futures Report is your in-depth, practical guide to navigating this fast-evolving sector, avoiding the risks and capitalising on the rich opportunities. With deep insights on emerging trends and consumer motivations, we shine a spotlight on winning strategies that will enable your brand to survive and thrive.

Learn how to quench Skintellectuals’ thirst for knowledge with well-pitched, honest marketing. Realise the possibilities of Total Beauty as the beauty, wellness and exercise sectors converge. Gain a deeper understanding of the natural beauty sector, which borrows from the food and drink sector. Learn about how dwell time, interactivity and personalisation are key to the future of beauty retail spaces. And uncover the next wave of intelligent objects that offer ongoing beauty analysis at home.


What’s inside the report?

Global market insights, key trends, case studies and consumer tribes combine to provide an invaluable framework for navigating the future of beauty. The report includes: 


: Insight Overview

The Future Laboratory’s analysis of how and why the latest beauty trends are unfolding, and what they mean for your brand.


: Market Insight

The new face of the global beauty market, featuring a host of exciting developments, from innovations in the fragrance market and the rise of all-natural premium haircare to shifts in influencer marketing and developments in teen beauty.


: Special Feature: Sensitised Living

Our special report examines how rising awareness of 21st-century irritants are shaping how consumers and brands are approaching skincare.


: Top 10 Beauty Ingredients

From wool wax and food waste to human keratin and azelaic acid – we examine the surprising new ingredients that are making brands and consumers sit up and take notice in 2017.


: Beauty Trends Rising

Honest Products, At-home Analysis, Love Down Below, Psychoactive Scents and Waterless Beauty – the five trends that brands need to be aware of to ensure success in the years ahead.


: Beauty Toolkit

We reveal beauty strategies, including Stand-alone Sells and Be Sensitive, which will help you to understand and prepare for the shifts in the beauty landscape.

 *This is a downloadable PDF report. Please consider the environment before printing.

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