Innovators' Toolkit Report 2016


The Innovators' Toolkit Report draws on The Future Laboratory’s wealth of research and thinking, and the insights and observations of a string of global experts, to consider anew what it means to be an innovator in this century of disruption and transformation.

For too long, innovation has been synonymous with technology. As digital native teenagers grow up, the initial sense of wonder and belief in technological innovation as an end in itself is fading fast. We are recognising that it is time for digital technology to adopt a supporting role, and to put humans centre stage in our innovation strategies.

This report examines shifting consumer expectations and the transforming business environment before exploring the assembled wisdom, data and insight to isolate six key strategies that brands will need to adopt in order to innovate successfully in the decades ahead.


What’s Inside the Report?

The report starts with a reframing of the role of technology in innovation strategy, and a call to focus on solving people’s problems, using technology as a tool.

Global Macro Trends
The report examines four major trends that are reshaping our shared understanding of how and why we innovate. This involves asking why the unstoppable tide of consumer data and analytical tools is not translating into predictable innovation success. It also sheds light on the Identity Paradox of digital-savvy consumers and the Creativity Hurdle that brands must overcome.

Six Key Strategies for Successful Innovation
In a reframing of received wisdom, we identify six strategies for brands to follow when seeking innovation, not as an end in itself but as the key to escape the status quo. These include Redefining the Relationship to make innovation a core function, and creating a Human-centric System.

Best-in-class Case Studies, Expert Insights
Throughout the report, best-in-class case studies of companies that successfully innovate are used to show how to put these ideas into practice. Quotes and insights from business influencers and academics illuminate possible ways forward.

The report contains practical tools and advice to enable you to implement its theories and insights in your organisation’s innovation strategy in order to effect meaningful change. 

 *This is a downloadable PDF report. Please consider the environment before printing.


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