Anti-pollution Futures 2017

With urban city centres increasingly enveloped in clouds of harmful smog, air pollution is a key concern for consumers around the world. In this new landscape, there is an urgent need for brands to reduce their emissions and develop new products and services to tackle this growing health crisis.

Our in-house Anti-pollution Futures presentation features pertinent market insights and the strategic foresight needed to apply them.

: The Future of Personal Pollution Protection

From a new generation of consumables designed to mitigate the effects of air pollution to the subtle design cues that are changing negative perceptions of pollution masks, we highlight the brands that are helping consumers to navigate increasingly toxic urban environments.

Post-pollution Travel

Forget the city break, brands in the tourism industry will increasingly offer breaks away from the city. We explore why an unpolluted environment will be a key factor in travellers’ future purchasing decisions.

Offset with Pollution Products

Rather than simply offsetting their carbon footprint, smart brands are increasingly exploring ways to convert harmful emissions into resources for use in a range of products such as homewares, food and even luxury goods.

The Age of Clean Retail

With major retail outlets often located in highly polluted urban environments, there is an opportunity for brands to offer high street shoppers sanctuary spaces by transforming their bricks-and-mortar locations into pollution-free zones.

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