Fashion Futures 2017

From poor working practices to the painfully slow adoption of AI, the fashion industry is reaching a tipping point. Brands in the sector will increasingly need to look beyond its boundaries to inspire meaningful and memorable change.

Our in-house Fashion Futures presentation explores these topics in detail to better understand the issues that are keeping fashion CEOs up at night, and features pertinent market insights and the strategic foresight needed to apply them.

: Fashion anxieties

The key anxieties that are holding the fashion industry back, including how clothing is produced and consumed in a changing world.

: Future strategies

The future strategies that brands need to be aware of to overcome these anxieties, from optimising your workforce to the potential of data design.

 : Key considerations

The factors you need to take into account to ready your brand for the future fashion landscape.

In addition to these key consumer and industry insights, you will also receive a free copy of our  Fashion Futures report.


Image credits:

HIGHER, London, 

Airism by Uniqlo and Machineast, Singapore


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