The Dislocated World

We live in a dislocated world, characterised by distrust, disconnection, disenfranchisement, disgust and disorder. Public trust in governments, the financial sector and brands is at an all-time low. Racial division, climate change, inequality and terrorism dominate the headlines. It is tempting to deal with each wave of disruption as it comes, but to successfully navigate the future we must look at the bigger picture. Our presentation on The Dislocated World will help you to reject short-termism and effect change that is informed by deep insights into the mindset of consumers who are navigating this shifting and uncertain terrain. 

The presentation examines a number of Consumer Drivers, including:

Discarded Futures – how the ruthless pursuit of profit at any cost by companies jeopardises society and the planet as a whole

State of Disorder – politicians are exploiting people’s anxieties around mass migration and terrorism to stir up support for extremist policies

Systemic Distrust – consumers increasingly feel betrayed, let down and ignored by traditional institutions

Technological Discord – the fear that advances in technology could increase the divide between the haves and the have-nots

Income Disconnect – the impact of the yawning gap between the richest minority and a majority that is getting poorer, in real terms

Rising Disenchantment – low incomes and the rise of the gig economy are leaving young consumers frustrated and changing their spending habits

We also present a detailed look at how brands can adapt using a range of socio-economic trends that we have identified within The Dislocated World. Your team will leave feeling better equipped to meet the challenges of the Anthropocene age and help your organisation to thrive in the future.


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