Innovators' Toolkit

Our Innovators’ Toolkit Presentation is a road map for those who see innovation, not as an end in itself but as a means to move ahead and escape the status quo. It is also a call to reframe the role of technology in innovation strategy, and to use it as a tool to solve the problems of humans, who should reclaim the centre stage.

Against a backdrop of shifting consumer expectations, data overload and a transforming business environment, we have drawn on The Future Laboratory’s wealth of research and thinking – and the insights and observations of a string of global experts – to consider anew what it means to be an innovator in this century of disruption and transformation. 

During the presentation we examine four global Macro Trends that are reshaping our shared understanding of how and why we innovate. We then examine six key strategies that brands need to adopt in order to innovate successfully in the decades ahead. These include: 

Offer Emotional Solutions

Become a Silo-buster

Practise Future-proofing 2.0

The presentation features best-in-class case studies and inspiring insights from business influencers and academics. Your team will leave with a Toolkit to help implement true innovation and meaningful change. 

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