New Bricolage Living

Identity used to be something that you were born with. Age, race, gender and nationality were firmly fixed and determined your place in the world. Now, our identities are sliding further towards something we collect, assemble and arrange. We are entering a new era of Bricolage Living.

Amid this landscape, the traditional borders through which we used to understand the world are blurring, and in some cases, vanishing. Here we look at how brands can continue to connect with a peripatetic, unfettered consumer:

Life-lodging – the hotel industry faces intense competition from brands such as Airbnb and OneFineStay. Now the most desirable hotels are about community, people and locality

Language Bridges – to enable people to live across different cultures with more depth and fluency, a new range of devices, apps and design-led learning tools will enable people to speak in more languages than before

Decentralised Citizens – evidence is emerging that points towards a rethink of citizenship. In most cases, this shift is being facilitated by the digital revolution 

Expatpreneurs – as the third wave of globalisation takes hold, start-up culture is incubating innovation worldwide rather than big brands

Hypersonic Travellers – in an attempt to move ever faster around the world, New Bricolage Consumers will be the early adopters of hypersonic travel

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