Tech Futures Forum

Our half-day Tech Futures Forum is an annual look at what is new, next and game-changing in the world of technology. The session has been developed to give your team an insight into the new habits, mindsets and social implications that are being ushered in by the sector’s rapid advancement. Crucially, this presentation will highlight the nascent trends that are set to become lucrative market opportunities. Highlights include:

Global Market Overview – You’ve heard about the Internet of Things, but here we examine how this is being embraced by the global consumer. We look at why VR and AR are no longer buzzword abbreviations, but brave new worlds of content that have yet to be exploited. And we explore how and why digital natives are reshaping brand expectations, and why the move of e-commerce platforms to markets in Asia-Pacific is changing the way we need to market and retail brands in that region.

Tech Tribes – We introduce two of the most influential consumer tribes driving innovation in the technology industry using detailed qualitative interviews and quantitative research. The tribes we will be getting to know are Periscopers, the Live Streamers who are creating their own broadcast brands, and The IM Crowd, the teens and tweens who are never out of the loop thanks to new technology.

Tech Trends Rising – Every business is now a technology business, which makes it difficult to know where to focus when it comes to the new and the next, and which trends will shift products and woo customers. In this section we present the trends needed to face the consumers of tomorrow, including Mimicry Marketing, Blockchain Consumerism, Geo Quests and Explorium Retail.

Innovate – The technology industry is led by innovators – visionaries who strike out and do something risky, compelling, fresh and in tune with consumer mindsets, and who revolutionise the way technology is made, marketed and talked about. We identify and examine the most brilliant case studies of the past year and speak to the creatives behind them. Case studies include Type Reinvented, NO_THING and Lost My Name.

We also include toolkits and conclusions, and reveal what brands need to do in order to maximise profits and exceed their customers’ expectations. This half day in-house event comes with our in-depth Tech Futures report.

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