Global Futures Forum 2017 - 19 October

CONSCIOUSNESS, CARE AND CONNECTION IN 2020 DATES : 19 October 2017 (18th reserved for LS:N Global members only) VENUE : The Future Laboratory, 26 Elder Street, London E1, 6BT TICKETS :  Innovator :...Read more

Female Futures Report 2017

Help to prepare your business for the changes ahead by downloading the Female Futures Report 2017 now. Overview As we wrestle with the modern demons of our post-crash, post-truth world,...Read more

Female Futures 2017

Female Futures is an in-depth look at the current landscape of female entrepreneurialism and highlights an emerging attitude driven by members of Generation Z, who are ditching a broken system...Read more

Luxury Futures 2017

We explore the rise of the new normal in the global luxury landscape, identifying areas of growth and the potential challenges ahead. We consider the unexpected rise of ultra-high-net-worth individuals...Read more

Luxury Futures Report 2017

The trends, consumer tribes and innovations shaping the future of luxury. Overview As the markers of luxury evolve to transcend the physical trappings of wealth, political and economic upheaval are...Read more

Beauty Futures 2017

We examine growth areas and emerging markets in the global beauty landscape. We consider how venture capital funding and interest from big brands have changed niche beauty start-ups, and look...Read more

The American Middle Report

Packed with unique research, this report explores the key drivers and forces shaping the American Middle, and gives practical recommendations on how to implement its insights. : Overview The Future Laboratory...Read more

US Trend Briefing

As the rich get richer and ranks of the poor swell, there is unrest among the American population. In a divided and disconnected nation, the aspirations and behaviours of the...Read more

Beauty Futures Report 2017

The trends, consumer tribes and innovations shaping the future of beauty.   Overview In a radically re-aligned beauty landscape, established brands and innovator start-ups are finding new paths to success....Read more

Retail Futures

The world of retail stands on unsteady ground in 2017. The ramifications of geopolitical events such as Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as President of the US are...Read more

The Age of Re-engagement

With increasingly distracted consumers, a breakdown in traditional systems of governance and the nuclear family relegated to history, the business landscape of the future is uncertain.  The Age of Re-engagement...Read more

Retail Futures Report 2017

A toolkit to build winning strategies from the endless possibilities of Total Retail   Overview As omni-channel retires, the era of Total Retail begins in earnest. Customers are demanding frictionless...Read more

Innovators' Toolkit Report 2016

Overview The Innovators' Toolkit Report draws on The Future Laboratory’s wealth of research and thinking, and the insights and observations of a string of global experts, to consider anew what...Read more